Daily Log – A Topic I Love by D

I was pleased with my boy D’s engagement yesterday, so I thought I’d try again today!

Yesterday, we set off to spend some money D had saved on Nerf Guns he’s been wanting. He was pleased with his purchases, and headed straight to his dad’s house after the shopping trip to play. Let’s see what he has to say about it all.

Today, D, I’d like to give you a choice. Please answer the first two questions, and then choose one of the last four.

– What is it about Nerf Guns that you like?

i like the nerf guns because they shoot really far, and some of the other nerf guns are really REALLY REALLY!!! big so this one is a good size for me

– How did you choose the two guns you bought yesterday?

well i had wached a lot of videos about nerf guns so i had a pretty good idea about what i wanted.

– Describe one of the guns you bought, what are the good and bad things if any about it, and why you would or wouldn’t recommend it to others. In other words write a short review.

the gun shoots really straight and it is a really cool looking gun….and ,i am 9 the gun is perfectly my size so i would recommend this gun 8 out of 10 or 84 out of 100.

– Please tell us about Nerf Gun Mods. What is a mod and why do young people love them so much?

– There’s a You-Tuber who does videos about Nerf Gun mods. I’ve forgotten his name. Who is he? Why do you watch his videos? Tell us about one of his videos you particularly like. In what ways has it inspired you?

– Some parents do not like their children playing war games. What is your opinion about that? Why do you like playing these games? Can you understand why some people don’t like it for their kids? What would you recommend to them?

Ok, so he did it. This time D answered the questions as quickly as he could. There are other kids around playing video games, making bread, so he’s distracted by them, and didn’t put as much enthusiasm into it as yesterday. Earlier though I was introducing this blog process to my boyfriend’s oldest son, and D said, you should do it, it’s really fun, so hopefully you’ll see a post or two from him.

Yesterday, I also asked D what he thought of the exercise and he confirmed that he likes typing a lot more than hand-writing because it’s faster. So I’m wondering now whether I should just keep him going on with these mini check ins, appreciating what he has to offer, or whether I should encourage him to write more.  What do you think?

What happens when we give children choice?  Will they always chose the easiest route?   Do their experiences at school with being forced to do work they don’t necessarily want to do lead them to avoiding difficult tasks?

I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below.

Anyway, thanks D.  I’m glad you’re doing this with me.


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