What is story telling to you?  Do you remember favourite stories from your childhood or wonderfully captivating story tellers?  A few years ago, a mentor of mine Esther, then teaching Theatre for kids at Firemaker,, handed me a book by Margo McLaughlin, The Seeds of Generosity and it changed my life.    See her website:  and blog:

I realized how important story telling is to me, and discovered a new way of learning, living and participating.   This is a ‘story’ for another day.  Today I simply want to celebrate stories!!!

Last night, my son told me his first oral story, and it was wonderful.  I have raised him with books, bed time stories, both read and spontaneously invented.   Recently movies and TV shows have taken over a  little but, but my little dude loves his tales, and his character creations, usually fashioned out of lego.  We spend house talking of stories both text and film and how they teach, inspire, entertain and so on.  We compare originals, voices, twist endings, character development, attachment and wisdom traditions.   I have discovered the traditions of story-telling in teaching through Waldorf and Coyote Mentoring.

As a teacher and mother I am fascinated by how stories embody and carry fourth value systems, meaning, seeds, and belonging.  Also, children play stories, that’s what they do: role play, dress up, lego and doll play are all ways children are constantly looking at, coming to understand and make sense, and reenact and recreate the stories they see around them!

My son told me a story in bed!   it was a story about a lego character that came to life, first talking, then moving and running of asking to be caught….can you imagine what happened in the end?


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